How to install?

Install Gobuntu using an empty DVD

Open the downloadet Gobuntu ISO file in Windows Explorer.

Right-click on it.

In the now visible context menu select “Burn to Disk”.

Restart your computer after finishing burgning the DVD and boot your Gobuntu DVD.

Install Gobuntu using a bootable USB

For creating a bootable USB with Gobuntu, we recommend using Rufus. For using Rufus, you don’t need to install anything. Just download and double click on it. For downloading Rufus, use this link: rufus.akeo.io

For Linux/macOS user: Don’t use dd to create a bootable USB. We are not using ISO hybrid images.

Rufus USB creator

When you’ve downloaded Rufus and double clicked on it, you will see this screen.

First, you have to connect a USB pen drive with at least 6GB which can be formatet. Please select your USB in the first section called “Device”. Attention: All the data on your USB will be destroyed.

Now click on the disk symbol in the format section and select your downloaded Gobuntu ISO file.

Press the “Start” button. There will be a warning: All your data on this USB will be destroyed.

Press OK.

Now it might take several minutes.

I cant boot my DVD/USB?

Open Windows 10 Settings. Go to “Update & Security”. Open the Recovery tab. Now you’ll see “Advanced start-up”. Disconnect all USB devices from your computer. Connect your Gobuntu USB or insert your Gobuntu DVD and click on “Restart Now”.